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Free 32x32 png packs for facility location pins.

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1.Download FBM Win LAN Server V2.2.1 , unzip and

install on a standalone device or in a multi-user environment, install on a networked device designated as a server.

2.For additional users, download FBM Client dependency V2.2.1 (+-24Mb), unzip and install on “client” devices.

3.Once installed, run the “server location utility” then launch the Navigator

Email the following required information to trial@itechsupport.co.za

Your license will be automatically activated online when the Navigator is relaunched.


For paid and trial licensed clients, please download and install the latest major update.

There are no major updates at present

Minor updates are automatically updated on your client devices.

Download latest User Guide(pdf).


Enjoy a FREE, fully functional license until the end of February 2020 for 10 users (Windows x86 and x64 devices only). RSA education institutions only.