Adding bookings

Using the “Facility bookings” view, select the facility and a suitable date range.
Locate the date and starting time slot in the Bookings row of the grid and select it.
Click the Book facility option to activate the booking form.
Once you have successfully setup the booking:-
Add booking. Save the raised booking.
Update booking. Save any changes made to an existing booking. This applies to bookings selected for editing in the main window.
Availability. Check if the facility can be booked for the specified period. This is subject to any existing schedules, their Facility remains hirable value, any bookings that overlap with the schedule period and the rules as setup in General settings.
It is advisable that you check the availability of the facility before allocating subhirables, loading purchase items and specifying any roll calls.
Availability is checked when the booking is added or updated.
Repeat bookings. Raise bookings to be repeated over a period of time (See Repeat bookings).
General settings. Change the General settings.