Attendance (roll call) on booking

Select the Attendance(roll call) option.
Use the icon to apply the same dates and times as specified for the booking.
Select the Membership group and Members to add to the booking roll call.
Roll call type. Select either “Single roll call” or “Double roll call”.
“Single roll call” would apply to events where attendance is only recorded once, usually upon arrival.
“Double roll call” would apply if you need to record arrival and departure for e.g.
The icon alongside the Members field will bring up the “Member subhirable assignment report” which includes all subhirable assignments and roll calls the member has been assigned to over the reporting period.
The icon alongside the Members field will launch the Customers and Billing module where Members can be managed.
As a shortcut to adding multiple members, use the Add all group members option.
Where members were assigned to subhirables and you would like to include them in the roll call, apply the Incl members assigned to subhirables option.
The selected Roll call type will be applied to those members too.
Always ensure the member/s attendance assignment window falls on invalid day (e.g. Sundays or public holidays may not be suitable).
If you performed roll call prior to changing the date and/or time assigned to a member on a booking, the attendance flags are left unaltered.
You may need to update the roll call to rectify this.
Members can be added more than once to the booking attendance (roll call).