The audit feature provides tracing of all transactional changes within the system.
Audit group. Select the applicable audit group.
Audit type. Select the audit type. These are the available transactions that pertain to the audit group selected. (All) will allow all transactions for the item you select in the “Item to audit” list to be shown.
Item to audit. Select the item you wish to audit.
Date range. Select the Period from and to across which you wish to audit.
The minimum and maximum allowable dates are determined based on the audit records available on the database.
Unallocated receipts will reflect against 'booking number' “(Unallocated)”.
Purchase item stock movement is referenced with #bin number in the Revised value column.
Where a supervisor overrides pricing but the user does not commit the change (e.g. changing the price of a subhirable on a booking but the user does not Update subhirable), when the booking is updated by the user, the override audit activity is still recorded against the applicable booking.
Any current change in the underlying audit data will not reflect until you Generate report again.