Enter a description for your budget in the Budget description field.
Budget for the year (12 months) beginning. Select the first month of the budget period.
The start month would typically be the beginning of your organisation’s financial year.
Budget linking. If you wish to link the budget to a facility or subhirable, select the applicable item from the list adjacent to the linking option you require.
If you select a previously created budget that was linked to a facility or subhirable and the facility or subhirable has been removed, you will be notified.
If you update the budget, you will have to select another facility or subhirable or unlink the budget.
Budget grid. All the applicable budget months will appear in the first column of the budget grid based on the first month and the following 11 months to make up the budget cycle/year.
Click in any cell (except the TOTALS or Gross Profit fields) and enter the budgeted value.
The values are split between Sales, Maintenance expenses (for maintenance of facilities and subhirables) and Project expenses.
You cannot specify values in the Project expenses column for budgets linked to Subhirables.
The Gross profit and Totals are automatically recalculated as you revise the field values
All values must be entered as non-negatives.
Any negative values specified will default to NIL.
Press Enter in the entry field to automatically move over to the next field.
Paste budget. To paste the budget from the clipboard, note the following:-
Add budget or Update budget once you have made the necessary changes.
If you are creating a new budget after viewing or updating an existing budget, the previous budget values will remain in the grid.
Select Reset budget to remove any values remaining in the budget grid.
The budgets are applied in the Financial Reports module.