Copying schedules

An existing schedule can be copied to a new schedule.
Users require Add schedules permissions to perform this task.
Select the schedule you wish to copy from the Active schedules list or select a schedule in one of the grids to activate it.
Select Copy schedule.
You will be prompted for the Scheduled for date.
The validity of the date entered is only verified when you attempt to add the schedule or you use the Availability option in the scheduling form.
The Scheduling form will appear.
The Raised on date will be today's date.
The various tasks inherit the indicated Scheduled for date as provided when you copied the schedule initially.
Changing the schedule date will automatically update task schedule dates.
Pricing as was applied to the schedule initially will be applied.
Ensure you use the various standard pricing options to update pricing if applicable.
All normal Add schedule rules apply. See Adding schedules.
If you have permission, you may create repeat schedules based on the copied schedule (Maintenance only).