Credit notes

Select Credit notes in the main form.
Select the Customer. The Invoiced booking summary grid will be populated with all bookings that were invoiced within the period. Select an invoiced booking to credit.
Search for booking. This option will automatically activate the customer and locate the searched booking in the Invoiced booking summary grid.
If the booking has not been invoiced you will be notified accordingly.
Credit #. Enter a unique credit note number. This should coincide with your accounting system’s credit note number.
The icon determines the next logical credit note number from the system.
The Date, Full credit value and Original invoice # fields are automatically populated and cannot be changed.
Process credit. The credit note will be processed.
Print credit note. Select a Customer and credit note (Credit #) in the Print processed credit note section or use the search icon alongside the bottom Credit # field.
Bookings are credited in full.
Any other bookings invoiced on the same invoice number are not affected by the crediting of a selected booking.
Invoices can be corrected in the Invoicing form if the user has permission.
The receipts processed against a selected invoiced booking are reflected in the Amounts receipted against selected invoiced booking grid.
Receipts processed against the booking are automatically changed to unallocated.
You may need to refund the receipts or re-allocate them to other bookings.
If the credited booking is subsequently re-invoiced, you will need to re-allocate the receipts accordingly.
If the booking is to be re-invoiced, consider printing the Amounts receipted against selected invoiced booking grid for reference purposes when you re-allocate the receipts against the re-invoiced booking.