To manage customers, select the Customers option.
Select a customer in the Name field or in the grid at the bottom to load their profile.
Account on hold. Enable this option to halt any further activity on the customer’s account.
Users will not be able to process any transactions or add/edit bookings in favour of the customer.
Self. Enable this option if the “customer” is part of your organisation.
This could apply to other branches or if you elect to create customers for each department that will be booking facilities.
Account limit. ‘Zero’ for no limit.
When customers reach or exceed their account limits, bookings may not be authorised, confirmed or invoices raised subject to the General Settings in the Administration module.
Name. Ensure customer names are unique. This field is compulsory.
Email addresses. If you specify any email addresses, direct emailing will be available in Billing document views and the Bookings module where you can elect to email booking summary documents to customers. Email addresses are validated syntactically.
Street. Select this option to copy the Physical address field values to the Postal address fields.
The header on printed documents uses the customer fields as follows:-
Change name. Use this option to change a customer’s name.
Remove customer. Customers cannot be removed if there are bookings (either historic or upcoming) assigned to them.
Clear all fields. Reset all form fields.
Bookings report. A report of bookings relating to the selected customer.
Age analysis (all). Ageing of all customer accounts at a specified date.
Ledger. Detailed transaction listing for a selected customer over a specified period of time.
Select any document in the grid and Print document.
Reinstate. Use this option to reinstate a removed customer.
Ensure their account is not on hold if you elect to reinstate them. Accounts that are on hold are not available when raising bookings.
You may wish to create additional internal “customers” (for e.g. a department within your organisation if that department will be making use of your facilities on a regular basis).
If you seldom book out facilities internally, use the propagated Customer account for this purpose. (See Organisation in the Administration module).