Distinguishing between Facilities and Subhirables

Subhirables are often a part of a specific facility or an optional extra that can be added to a booking.
A subhirable cannot be hired out on its own. Bookings are raised against facilities, subhirables are added over and above that.
In cases where a subhirable can be hired out on its own, it should be loaded onto the system as a facility (e.g. a portable overhead projector which is not locked to a facility).
Items that will always be a part of a booking if a customer requests such an item (e.g. tables), those items must be loaded as subhirables.
Subhirables should be created if they attract their own specific sales revenue (additional items on bookings) or maintenance costs.
There is no point in creating a subhirable for a black board in a classroom.
If it needs replacement or repair, a maintenance schedule against the classroom will be raised detailing the replacement of the black board under the tasks.
An incorrect approach example
Should you have numerous smaller items that technically need to be managed as facilities due to their standalone hirable nature (e.g. you hire out trailers), you could create subhirables for these items and assign them to bookings against a “dummy” facility (e.g. “Trailer hire”).
Enable the Allow bookings to overlap option in the Administration module to allow for multiple simultaneous bookings of the “dummy” facility.
As per this e.g., each trailer could then be maintained individually under subhirable maintenance scheduling and you will be able to extract financial data relating to the “Trailer hire” facility as a center and each of the trailers individually.
Correct approach
As the trailers will be hired out regularly, the power of the Bookings module will ensure the best management of these assets if they are loaded as individual facilities.
Perhaps you have advertising space around one of your facilities and a client would like to rent that space for a year.
Create a facility for the advertising space and set up a one year lease.
The space operates independently of the facility at which it is located.
The purchase and installation of the signage, required internal resources, other raw materials needed etc. can all be managed via a Maintenance or Project schedule (recommended).
In summary, consider all your potential facilities and subhirables and formulate a strategy that will best suit your organisation’s needs.
Financial reporting requirements, booking management, asset tracking/ management/ identification and maintenance aspects must all be considered carefully.
A facility cannot be changed to a subhirable or vice versa. You can create a new subhirable to replace the facility and remove the facility however (or vice versa).