Editing schedules

Select Edit schedule to activate the scheduling form.
See Adding schedules for field and other details.
Schedules cannot be edited if they have been signed off as complete.
If a task/service has already been ordered, changing the schedule date or time will not update the task date/time.
To change these values, remove the item from the respective purchase order, make the changes to the scheduled task and then reorder the service.
Ensure the change is communicated to the respective supplier/resource.
The schedule can be updated despite the task date possibly falling outside of the maintenance scheduled date/period.
If a task has not been ordered, changing the date or duration of an existing schedule will automatically update the task/s.
If the “Auto adjust task costs on schedules if a Resource/Supplier is exclusive” general setting has been enabled, all tasks with hourly rates will be adjusted taking the duration of the schedule into account.
Certain critical field changes may result in the schedule being unauthorised automatically by the system.
If you have Authorisation permissions, you may authorise the schedule in the Schedule form directly.