Hirable. Enable this option if the facility is hirable. This will make it available in the Bookings module.
All facilities and subhirables are available in the Maintenance and Projects module for maintenance scheduling purposes.
A facility’s hirable status cannot be revoked if the facility is still in use.
A facility is deemed to be in use if there are any old or upcoming bookings, maintenance or project schedules against the facility.
Description. Enter a unique description for the facility.
You may want to include a location identifier in your description (e.g. “Classroom 7 Block E”).
Serial number. Optional field for internal purposes and asset tracking.
Standard price. This is the price that is used to determine the charge out on bookings.
It is also applied in determining turnover variances in the Financial Reports module.
Prices are specified as “Per Hour”, “Fixed”, “Daily” or “Monthly”.
To add pricing for each of the pricing categories, specify the Standard price, basis and from date and then select the Update facility option.
The most recent prices and when they are applicable from are indicated in the grid.
Price base categories cannot be applied to bookings if a standard price has not been indicated for the facility.
Charge out pricing on Bookings can be overridden subject to user permissions.
Billable from and to. As bookings can extend over more than one day, indicate the hours that are billable to customers for booking a facility.
This is applied in determining standard selling prices on bookings and for Financial Report purposes.
The default values are “8:00am” to “6:00pm”.
These values only apply if a facility is hirable and is priced on bookings on a “Per hour” price base.
From. Enter the first date from which the price is to be applied.
The closest price to the date selected is automatically retrieved.
If a price is specified at the From date a will appear next to the From field.
A signifies no price has been specified at the From date.
As prices change, simply enter the new price and date and Update facility.
iTech Facilities Management automatically determines pricing to be applied in the various modules as follows:-
Use the View price history option to review all existing prices for the active facility.
Notes. This is an optional general field.
Select a facility in the grid to activate it.
The “Std price” in the grid is the most recent price in the price history table.
Facilities that are in use cannot be removed.
A facility is deemed to be in use if there are any old or upcoming bookings/ maintenance/ project schedules against the facility.