Getting started:Initialising the system

After you have successfully licensed iTech Facilities Management and setup the Administrator, to enable the system to operate seamlessly from the outset, the system administrator should follow this sequence:-
1.     Set-up the initial System users (Administration module)
2.     Enter your Organisational details (Administration module)
3.     Set-up the General settings (Administration module)
Authorised users should then perform the following tasks:-
1.     Create the Facilities, Subhirables and other system list items (Facilities and Subhirables module)
2.     Create Customers (Customers and Billing module)
3.     Create Membership groups and Members (Customers and Billing module)
4.     Create Suppliers (Purchases and Suppliers module)
5.     Create Stores, Purchase Categories and Purchase items (Purchases and Suppliers module)
6.     Capture initial Purchase item stock (Purchases and Suppliers module)
You are now ready to begin booking facilities and to schedule maintenance.