Instant messaging service

The instant messaging service provides confidential messaging between you and other users.
Select the option in the main screen of the Navigator to open or close the message service.
- Dock the messenger to the bottom right hand side of the screen.
- List of users, their connection status and how many unread messages you have received from each of them. Use this option to switch between users/message histories.
The total number of unread messages will appear alongside the option.
Click on a user in the list to open the message box.
Upon startup of the message service, the last 100 messages from the last 31 days are reflected to enable you to pick up the recent message thread.
The date and time the message was originally sent is indicated below each message. Sent messages have a green background and received messages have a yellow background.
The first tick below each message you send indicates whether the message was delivered to the intended recipient. Messages can only be delivered if the user is online (i.e. the Navigator is open under their credentials).
The second tick indicates whether the message has been seen. When a user is selected from the user list, all unread messages in the active message history are marked as read .
Click any message to copy the text to the clipboard.
- View the full active message history and print if required. The print option is in the bottom right hand side corner of the history form.
- Remove the active message history. Removing a message history does not effect the recipient/user with whom the messaging took place. The message service will close temporarily.
You may be notified if your overall message history becomes too large in which case remove unwanted histories using this option.
- Enter new messages in the text box at the bottom of the active message history and select the option to send. Right click the text box for additional options such as paste and copy.
Mute. All incoming messages result in a brief notification sound and the form background will flash briefly. Disable the notification sound by enabling the Mute option.
If the messenger is closed and you receive a message, the messenger window will automatically open.