iTech Facilities Management is a menu and toolbar free environment.
All tasks are performed using the provided task shortcuts (indicated as task description throughout the user guide).
Help. Press F1 to display the “FBM User guide.pdf”.
A pdf reader is required for this to open. Adobe Acrobat Reader© can be downloaded from https://get.adobe.com/reader.
Despite the auto update feature, the user guide may become out-dated (automatic updates cannot replace the pdf if it is open at the time of updating).
You can download the latest version from www.itechsupport.co.za/downloads.html.
Replace the “FBM User guide.pdf” in the FBM share with the downloaded version.
Note that all users/clients share this pdf so it may be open on another networked device at the time you attempt to replace it on the server.
Dates. Where minimum and maximum dates are available, the icon will set the date field to its minimum and the icon will set the date field to its maximum.
Grids. Most grids can be printed or sent to Microsoft Excel© subject to user permissions.
When available, select the applicable print icon or send to spreadsheet icon located in the top right hand corner of the grid.
List boxes. Most lists provide an option box in the top right hand corner (only visible when you enter the list) which allows you to instantly select all items, deselect all items and in some list boxes you may invert your selection.
Links to other modules. There are links to other module features throughout iTech Facilities Management.
They are accessible if you have permission to perform the applicable task.
When used, the module and applicable form is automatically launched for your convenience.
If the module is already open, it will be activated but you may need to open the feature you require.
Typically these shortcuts are denoted by the launch icon.
Scrolling. Scrollable items will respond to the mouse wheel as expected.
Ensure the list/grid or scrollbar is the selected control (by clicking on it) before using the mouse wheel.
For tablet environments, tap on the scrollable item and move your finger in a vertical direction to scroll.
Critical prompts. Some actions will give a critical prompt/warning with the option not to show the warning again. Check the Don't show this again option if you do not wish to be warned again.
Forms. All forms have a secondary close option in the top left corner.
Where applicable, maximise, minimise and normal view secondary options are also available.
To reset the form back to its default size, select the applicable option to open the form, maximize the form then close it.
Then re-open it and hit the normalize icon.
The location and window state is saved upon closing of the respective form.
When using iTech Facilities Management on mobile devices (tablets), rotating the device will adjust the visible form’s width or height if the change in orientation results in part of the window being cut-off.
If the form is maximized, it will re-adjust to the new available browser window dimensions.
For larger capture/data entry forms when using mobile devices, it is highly recommended you work in portrait view as the virtual keyboard may conceal some of the lower positioned fields.