Select Invoices in the main form.
Select the Customer. The Booking summary grid will be populated with all bookings that fall within the period.
The customer account status will appear at the bottom.
Customers' accounts that are on hold will not appear in the Customer list.
Bookings listed in Red have not been authorised.
If the General setting Do not allow unauthorised bookings to be invoiced in the Administration module has not been enabled, you will not be able to invoice that particular booking.
Bookings in italics have not been confirmed however you are not restricted from invoicing unconfirmed bookings.
Hide invoiced will conceal all bookings that have been invoiced.
If you wish to make changes to an existing invoice, uncheck this option and locate the invoice in the grid.
The last column indicates the print status for invoices. If an invoice was previously printed, copies will be indicated as “COPY INVOICE” and the applicable invoice number.
Search for booking. This option will automatically activate the customer and locate the searched booking in the booking summary grid. If the booking has been invoiced and Hide invoiced is enabled, you will be notified accordingly.
Select a booking in the Booking summary grid to activate it for invoicing purposes.
The Pretax value, Tax and Taxable (per booking) fields in the Invoice details section will be populated automatically based on the details on the selected booking.
The Pre tax value cannot be changed in this form.
The Tax value is automatically calculated depending on whether the Taxable (per booking) option is checked or not.
If you have permission to override the taxable status when invoicing bookings, the Taxable (per booking) option will be enabled.
If the tax rate at the date of invoice is different from the ruling tax rate, override the Tax value accordingly.
If the tax is incorrect on an existing invoice, credit the invoice and re invoice adjusting the tax accordingly.
Invoice date. The booking date is automatically inserted.
Although not recommended, you may invoice the booking at a date before the date on which the booking actually occurred.
Use the icon to change the invoice date to today's date.
Invoice #. If the booking has been invoiced on your official accounting system, enter the invoice number accordingly.
The icon alongside the Invoice # field will insert the booking number as the invoice number.
You may use the same Invoice # for multiple bookings for a particular client. The various bookings will make up that invoice.
Although it is highly recommended that each booking is separately invoiced, this is useful for month-end invoicing.
You cannot use the same Invoice # for another customer.
The icon determines the next logical invoice number from the system. Invoice numbers assigned to invoices that were credited are taken into account.
Process invoice. If the booking is correct and you do not wish to make any changes to the underlying booking invoice information, select this option.
The selected booking cannot be invoiced if:-
The invoice will be available in the Print processed invoice section after processing.
Invoice selection. Select multiple rows of bookings you wish to invoice (only consecutive rows are allowed).
Bookings will not be invoiced if:-
Invoice number options
Invoice date same as date of booking option will use the date the booking took place as the invoice date. If left unchecked, the Invoice date in the Invoice details section is applied to each invoice.
All bookings will be taxed per the Taxable (per booking) setting in the Invoicing details section.
If the Hide invoiced option is enabled, bookings invoiced successfully will not appear in the grid after completion of the Invoice selection option.
Print invoice. Select a Customer and Invoice number (Inv) in the Print processed invoice section or use the search icon alongside the Inv field.
The invoice is tagged as printed. Any additional copies required will reflect as “COPY INVOICE”.
Print delivery note. Apart from pricing, the full details of the invoice will be printed as a delivery note.
Invoice items. This option will activate the Invoice items form where you can change quantities and pricing of the line items that make up the booking.
If you have permission, you will be able to make changes to existing invoices.
Please note that if changes are made to the booking whilst you are in the Invoice items form, those changes will not refresh.
Exit and then reactivate the Invoice items form to refresh.
Override value. You can change the quantity for purchase items sold on a booking or the units to be billed for the use of the facility or subhirables.
Select the Qty cell in the corresponding row and then Override value or double click in the applicable cell. Enter the revised quantity.
Quantity rules
The quantity cannot be less than the net issued quantity where purchase items are concerned.
Purchase item quantities are for the unit of supply as indicated in the Price base column.
If a booking has not been invoiced, you will require the necessary booking change permissions to update the quantity for the respective item.
If a booking has been invoiced, you will require the necessary invoicing change permissions to update the quantity for the respective item.
To change the price, select the Price each cell for the applicable item and Override value or double click in the applicable cell. Enter the revised price.
Note: Indicated Selling price may vary slightly due to rounding.
Standard units/quantity and standard price. Select an item in the grid.
The standard quantity/units and standard selling price are retrieved automatically and indicated in the fields in the “Standard units and selling price for selected item” section.
Select the apply icon alongside each of the standard values to apply them to the active invoice item.
The standard quantity for purchase items does not apply.
Purchase item standard selling price is based on the date the booking starts.
You will require “Override invoice quantities and selling prices with standard values” permission.
Accept changes. Once you are satisfied with any changes you have made, accept changes.
The booking is updated accordingly.
The total invoice value is indicated in the description box at the bottom of the form.
The invoice print status is set back to not printed.
You may now Process invoice in the Invoicing form.
Use the Invoice details form to correct invoices where invoice errors were made.
Any changes in member details will not update in the grid. Members are reflected for information purposes only.
Credits are processed in full against a selected booking.