Logging on

After successfully licensing of the device, there are two scenarios: -

Logging on for the first time

The very first user to log on to iTech Facilities Management becomes the system administrator.
It is not important which device is used to register the administrator as long as the licence has been activated as above.
Enter your Admin name (Min 10 character, Max 25 characters) and your Actual name.
Enter your initial Password (Min 8 characters, Max 10 characters) and Confirm it in the provided field.
Always ensure you have a means to remember your password. The administrator account password cannot be reset by any user other than the administrator.
The Organisation name, Address line 1 (physical), Industry your organisation belongs to and your Country (or nearest neighbour) are all compulsory.
These can be changed under Organisation in the Administration module.
You will be granted unrestricted access to the system under these account details.
A “LAN only” licence will be assigned to you automatically. If you performed the first log in on a browser, you will be granted a “LAN/Mobile/Browser” licence.
The administrator can relinquish their admin status to another user at any time through User Management in the Administration module.
It will be necessary to create other users before they can log onto the system. See Managing Users in the Administration module.
You have 5 minutes to complete this form, thereafter the Navigator will terminate.

Normal logging on

If you are a normal user, your administrator will provide you with your assigned user name and initial password.
Enter your Username and Password.
Upon first log on, you may be prompted to change your password if the administrator enabled that option when your account was created.
Enter and confirm your new password accordingly.
In instances where a previous session was not terminated successfully, you will be notified accordingly and any modules that were open will be terminated before the new session initiates.
A user cannot log on to multiple devices simultaneously.
Multiple users can log on to the Navigator on any one device.
The last successful user log on name is retained and auto inserted upon next log on. This can be cleared on Browser based instances by clearing the cookie cache on those devices.
On mobile devices, for logging on/password entry purposes, you may need to turn off predictive text.
Once you are logged in, you may change your password from within the Navigator (see Change password).
If you lose/forget your password, contact your administrator and request a temporary password.
It is highly recommended that you change your password (if your administrator doesn't force you to do so), after the next successful log on.
Three consecutive unsuccessful log on attempts will terminate the Navigator.
If auto updates are enabled and there is an update, the Navigator may terminate before or after you log on. The Navigator will restart once the updates have been processed.
Log on command line arguments/switches and other launch shortcuts
1.Disable the auto update service temporarily (This is not recommended!)