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1.Server and standalone clients

In a LAN server and multiple workstation environment that will be running Windows devices only, the iTech Facilities Management Server must be installed on your server or an assigned network device that will act as a server.

2.Additional clients

Each windows based client must install the iTech Facilities Management Client on their devices.

The user will be required to browse for the server “FBM” network share where the database and other shared resources are located. Once the “FBM” share is successfully located, the Navigator can be launched.

If you receive an error whilst the Messaging API and Calloboration Data Objects is being installed, click on OK to continue installing ITEC FACILITIES MANAGEMENT.

3.Major updates

Whilst ITECH FACILITIES MANAGEMENT self updates from the Web Server when updates are available, from time-to-time there may be a major update which requires a full installation.

Download and install the appropriate package from the Updates section on the Downloads page.

If you receive any of the following warnings during the upgrade

1. Server share is already shared >>> select the Ignore option.

2. Messaging API and Calloboration Data Objects error >>> click on OK to continue upgrading ITECH FACILITIES MANAGEMENT.


It is assumed that you have read and understood the Licence

Agreement included in the installation as well as any additional agreements concluded between your organisation, its employees and the reseller.


1. ITECH FACILITIES MANAGEMENT is optimised for Laptops, Netbooks, Notebooks,

tablets and desktop personal computers.

2. Operating systems supported

3. Screen resolution minimum of 800x600.

4. Initial hard drive space of 200MB bearing in mind that the database will increase in size over a period of time due to transactions. Ensure you make provision for storage of photographs and other images you may assign to schedules. Additional space would be required for the storage of files attached to schedules and bookings.

5. Suitable network infrastructure and bandwidth to accommodate multiple users. Non browser based WI-FI client speeds should not be less than 54Mbps (802.11a) which typically averages around 20Mbps. 802.11b is not suitable.

6. Browser based clients require a minimum of 2Mbps.

7. To take advantage of live capture (photographs) of Maintenance work, a webcam is required for desktop/laptop devices. Most tablets have built-in photographing capabilities and therefore nothing extra is required.

8. ITEC FACILITIES MANAGEMENT offers data drops and grid printing. This functionality requires Microsoft Excel©. Non Windows based tablets will require a spreadsheet viewing utility/application which are freely available on the various web stores.

9. ITEC FACILITIES MANAGEMENT system resource requirements do not exceed typical operating system minimums as required by the applicable Windows operating system.

10. Server resource requirements for browser based clients are dependent on the number of simultaneous users and module usage access.

See User guide for further assistance>>>

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