Maintenance/projects tasks assigned to schedule

Select the Maintenance/projects tasks option.
Select a Supplier/resource from the list. Suppliers/resources listed are those classified as either “Service provider” or “Supplier/service provider”.
The availability option will determine if the Supplier/resource is available at the date, time and duration (see below).
Suppliers/resources set as exclusive cannot be deployed at the same time across different tasks on a schedule or any other coinciding schedule. See Suppliers in the Purchases and Suppliers module.
Task type. Select a task from the list. The task types are managed in the Facilities and Subhirables module.
Invoice ref#. If available, enter the invoice reference for the task.
Date. For maintenance schedules, the date cannot be changed. For projects spanning more than a day, select the date on which the task will be performed.
Time. The time the task is to be started. On maintenance schedules the time cannot precede the start time. For projects, the start time is any time from midnight.
Duration. The duration is limited by the end time of the schedule and the start time of the task.
Use the icon to apply the same dates and times as specified for the schedule.
Cost. The standard cost is calculated based on the duration of the task where the Supplier/resource is set up as an hourly based charge out provider.
Adjusting the time and/or duration will automatically recalculate the standard cost.
Description of work to be done. Enter a detailed description of the work to be done for the selected task.
Add task. When you are satisfied, add the task.
To make any changes to a task, select it in the grid, make the necessary changes and Update task.
Recalculate costs. In the event of a change in standard costing, select this option to recalculate all task costs already on the schedule.
Changing the scheduled for, start time or duration on a maintenance schedule may result in invalid date, time and durations for existing tasks.
If the scheduled for or start time is moved backwards, the task date, time and duration is left unchanged.
If the scheduled for or start time is moved forwards, tasks that breach these new values will be changed to the revised schedule date, time and duration.
If a change in start time or duration results in a task end time exceeding that of the schedule, the revised schedule date, time and duration will be applied to the task.
The same principles apply to the dates on projects.
Any automatic change in task date, time and duration may result in tasks overlapping tasks on other schedules. This is validated when the schedule is added or updated.
If any task on the current schedule has been ordered you may have to remove the service item from the purchase order and then re-order it. See purchase order.
Task images. See Images under the Schedule tasks section.
Suppliers/resources. Launch the Purchases and Suppliers module to manage suppliers/resources.
Resource utilisation. See Resource utilisation.
Note:The Taxable column in the grid relates to the default tax status of the supplier/resource.