Managing Suppliers/resources

To manage Suppliers/resources, select the Suppliers/resources option.
Self. The supplier is internal (i.e. a resource).
Exclusive. This option is directed at internal resources more specifically although it can be applied to outside suppliers.
If this option is enabled, the resource cannot be assigned to more than one task at a time.
Account limit. This is for information purposes.
Account is blocked. Block a supplier account if you do not wish to purchase from them in the future or assign them to tasks.
Details. Complete the applicable fields. Name is compulsory. The Street icon will copy the physical address field values to the postal address fields.
If any of the email fields are completed you will be able to email documents like Purchase orders directly to the supplier.
Supplier charges tax. This is an overall setting. If disabled, purchase items supplied by this supplier would be non-taxable.
If enabled, purchase items can be individually specified as taxable or non-taxable.
The Supplier charges tax setting applies to all service items ordered from the supplier.
Changing the tax status of a supplier may affect the tax portion on outstanding orders, received orders (goods received notes) and returns.
iTech Facilities Management is not an accounting application.
Tax is reflected for completeness where purchases and returns are concerned.
Rate. Enter the rate (if applicable) and select the applicable rate base.
From. Enter the first date from which the rate is to be applied.
As rates change, simply enter the new rate and date and Update supplier.
iTech Facilities Management automatically determines rates to be applied based on the date indicated.
Where dates precede the rate date, the next available rate is applied chronologically speaking.
To change an existing rate, ensure the date you have selected corresponds with the previously created rate/date combination and enter the new rate.
Use the Rate history option to review all existing rates for the active supplier.
Once you have specified a rate and rate base (i.e. Per Hour or Fixed), the base cannot be changed in the future.
This ensures consistency in standard costing in the Financial Reports.
Charge out pricing on Schedules can be overridden subject to user permissions.
Add supplier. The supplier name must be unique.
Change name. Use this option to change a supplier’s name.
Remove supplier. Suppliers cannot be removed if
Clear all fields. Reset all form fields to empty.
Resource utilisation. See Resource utilisation in the Maintenance and Projects module.
Ledger. See Supplier ledger
Select any document in the grid and Print document.
Outstanding orders. A report of all pending purchase orders for a selected supplier.
Suppliers who do not have any pending purchase orders will not appear in the Supplier list.
Reinstate. Use this option to reinstate a removed supplier.
Ensure their account is not blocked if you elect to reinstate them.
If you seldom maintain facilities with internal resources, use the propagated supplier account for this purpose. (See Organisation in the Administration module).
The propagated supplier account cannot be updated.
By default the propagated account is a “Self”, Non-exclusive, “Supplier/service provider”, Nil rate, “Per Hour” supplier.