Members are managed in the Customers and Billing module.
Members are typically students in a school or employees in an organisation.
Members can be assigned to roll calls and subhirables on bookings.
Existing. All currently active members are listed in the format ‘Surname, Firstname [Student/employee unique number]’.
Surname. Compulsory field.
First name/s. Compulsory field.
Student/employee unique number.  Compulsory field.
If you don’t have separately unique numbers, apply the Identity number.
The field is alpha numeric.
Street. Select this option to copy the Physical address field values to the Postal address fields.
Import members. See Importing members.
Member report. See Member report.
Membership groups and listing.
Select the groups to which the member belongs in the Group membership list.
Department. This is a general allocation.
Comments. Any additional notes relating to the member.
Manage membership groups. See Membership groups.