Organisation details

Logo. Click in the “Logo” box and browse accordingly.
Enable the check box below the “Logo” box if you wish to print the logo on any formal documents such as purchase orders, invoices etc.
will remove the logo.
The logo is automatically scaled down to a maximum of 110px high when drawn on documents.
The representation in the Logo box is for information purposes. Select to preview the logo as it would appear on printed documents.
Use a logo image and turn off the fields you do not require if you would like to apply a more specific letterhead layout.
Details and header printing fields. Complete all fields as required and tick those you wish to include as part of your letterhead.
If your Postal address is the same as your Physical address, select the Per physical option.
If your organisation's industry does not appear in the Industry list, select “(Unspecified)”.
If you specify a logo and do not wish to print the organisation Name or “physical address line 1” on documents, deselect them. The print logo check box below the logo box must be ticked.
The Name and first line of the physical address will be auto selected and printed on documents in the event that you do not specify a logo.
Country. Please select your country or nearest neighbour from the list. This field is not available for headers on documents.
Propagation. As your organisation may be a supplier of purchase items for your own internal use of facilities (i.e. bookings), select the Supplier propagation option.
Similarly, due to in-house events, you may be your own customer, therefore select the Customer option.
Your organisation is automatically added to the Customer and/or Supplier tables and any changes to your organisation details is synchronised accordingly.
Once you have checked a propagation option and updated, the option will be greyed out in future.
Due to departmental structures, record keeping of payments, invoices and receipts may be necessary.
The propagated Customer and/or Supplier is automatically set as a “No limit”, “Non-exclusive”, “Self” status account.
These accounts will not be available for updating in the respective Customer and Supplier forms.