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The “Keyholder” is the internal person within your organisation that would be required to physically open/control access to facilities for both booking and maintenance/project purposes.

Maintenance tasks

Examples: Replace, repair, paint.
When deciding on the maintenance tasks you wish to create, consider your internal resources (e.g. groundsmen, general maintenance staff, cleaners etc.).
Resources can be assigned to specific tasks on maintenance schedules.
If you have a dedicated staff member (resource) for plumbing purposes, you would then create a “Plumbing repairs” maintenance task and assign the plumber resource when needed.

Project tasks

Examples: Remove rubble, prepare site, build

Maintenance purposes

Examples: Cleaning, facility preparation, service.
The maintenance purpose is specified on maintenance schedules and applies to the entire maintenance schedule.

Project purposes

Examples: Upgrade, refurbishment, improvement, additions.
The project purpose is specified on project schedules and applies to the entire project.

Booking purposes

Examples: Third party use, internal use, fundraiser.
The booking purpose is specified on bookings and applies to the entire booking.
Analysis of turnover by booking purpose will highlight how your facilities are being used.