Purchase item issue and reversal

Purchase items allocated to bookings, maintenance, project and subhirable maintenance schedules needs to be issued out of stock.
To issue purchase items select the Issues and Reversals option.
Purchase item. Select the purchase item you wish to issue out of stock.
The schedules and details of the purchase item allocations against which stock can be issued is reflected in the Schedules and allocations to issue against grid.
The allocations listed are based on the various categories selected in the top right hand corner.
Unauthorised schedules/bookings are always excluded irrespective of the categories selected.
Select a line item in the grid.
If there are existing issues against the schedule in the selected line, they will be summarized in the Existing transactions for selected schedule and purchase item grid.
If the purchase item was allocated to the schedule more than once, the transactions relating to the selected allocation line will be highlighted.
Non highlighted rows refer to the other allocations on the schedule for the selected purchase item.
Select an “Available purchase item stock to issue against” line in the grid and enter the Quantity to issue above the Issue out of stock option. Select the Issue out of stock option.
The transaction is processed immediately.
If you wish to reverse a transaction, locate it in the Existing transactions for selected schedule and purchase item grid and select the Reverse issue option.
You may indicate a lesser quantity than was originally issued in the Quantity field above the Reverse issue option.
Reversals are used to correct errors/undo issues.
Transaction date. Change the date if necessary.
The date is limited by the original date the stock was receipted.
The transaction date applies to Issues only. Reversals and Returns apply the original transaction date.
Transaction dates impact on stock ageing and valuation so ensure the date corresponds with the date on which the transaction occurred.
Return into stock. At times you may have stock left over from an issue. This is not an error.
Select the Existing transaction and enter the Quantity in in the field above the Return into stock option.
A customer invoice may need to be corrected due to returns as the invoiced quantity may exceed the actual usage. This is not a mandatory correction.
The lower cost associated with the booking will result in a favourable variance in the Financial Reports.
Spool to printer. Select this option to spool all picking slips and revised bin cards to the printer. Upon exit, all pending printed output is spooled automatically.