Purchase items allocated to booking

Select the Purchase items sold with booking option.
Purchase items are available for sale if they belong to purchase categories that are saleable (See Purchase categories in the Purchases and Suppliers Module).
Enter the Quantity and select the Purchase item.
The availability and a detailed aged analysis of the purchase item can be viewed using the icon alongside the Purchase item field.
The icon will launch the Purchases and Suppliers module.
Selling price. This is the price per unit of supply to charge on the booking invoice.
The ruling selling price at the date of the booking is automatically applied.
If you do not have permission to override this pricing, an authorised user can select the icon in the pricing field, enter their password and then enter the override price.
This option is only visible if you do not have permission to override this price item.
Three successive failed attempts at entering a valid password (or username if requested), will result in termination of the module.
Add allocation. The addition will appear in the grid. The addition is committed to the booking when the Add booking (Update booking if you are making changes to the current booking) option is selected.
To make any changes to an allocation, select it in the grid, make the necessary changes and Update allocation.
The icon alongside the Selling price field will insert the ruling selling price at the Booking starts date.
Purchase item pricing may need to be updated if you change the Booking starts date. This is not automatic.
Purchase items can include service items such as water, electricity, refuse and other taxes levied on leases. See Purchase items.