Purchase order details

Order number. Select an existing order if you wish to update an order.
Supplier. Select the supplier. The Utilisation option will bring up the Resource utilization report.
Placement. Indicate the method of placement of the order.
Authorised. If you have authorisation permission you may authorise the purchase order at point of capture or when updating.
Confirm. If the supplier has confirmed the purchase order, enable Confirmed, select the Date confirmed and enter the confirmation details in the Confirmed details field. Confirmed by is an information field indicating the user who confirmed the purchase order.
General notes. These are not printed on the purchase order.
Tax is applied based on the current tax rate and taxable status of the individual purchase items on the purchase order.
Service items are taxed according to the supplier overall tax status.
If the supplier’s tax status is changed to nontaxable, existing purchase orders will print without tax.