iTech Facilities Management creates workflow reminders for specific tasks (e.g. if a booking has been created and needs to be authorised).
Reminders for other users can also be set.
If there are reminders that require attention, the reminder exclamation will flash.
Reminders are available in most modules where actions may be required.
To create a reminder, select the date, time and select the user to Remind from the list. You are defaulted as the user to remind (“Remind me”).
Enter the reminder in the field provided and select Add reminder.
If you set the reminder date more than a year before the current date, the user you set it for will not see it in their reminder grid/s.
If you selected a reminder and wish to update it, make the necessary changes and select Update reminder.
Reminders indicated in RED (in the reminder grid) have already expired and are due for your attention.
If the reminder was set for another user by you and that user has not read it as yet, it will also appear in RED.
You may hide all reminders not meant for you by selecting Hide reminders set for other users option.
Reminders set by other users for other users or themselves, will not appear in your reminder grid.
To mark a reminder as Read, select the cell in the “Read” column relating to the reminder and check the box that appears.
System reminders cannot be marked as Read.
Once the task is performed they are automatically marked as read by iTech Facilities Management.
Reminders must be reviewed regularly to ensure tasks are completed.
Certain tasks need to be performed before other tasks can be actioned.
Personal reminders are displayed at the top of the grid.
Reminders are sorted oldest to newest.
Some examples of system reminders include:-
Many of the tasks are controlled by user permissions as set by the administrator.
Where users do not have permission to perform a specific task, system reminders will not reflect in the list of their reminders.
Where more than one user has permission to perform a specific task, the reminder will reflect for each of those users.
Select a system reminder in the grid and then Process task.
If the task is part of the functionality of the active module and you have permission to perform the task, you will be directed to the particular task accordingly.
Hide system reminders where tasks have been completed. If the Remove workflow reminders once the task is performed option in the Administration module is not enabled, the tasks that have been completed will be hidden from the reminders grid.
Hide reminders that don’t relate to this module.
This option is available in Bookings, Maintenance and Projects, Customers and Billing and Purchase and Suppliers modules.
The Navigator and Administration reminders form displays all reminders less than a year old, however you will not be able to perform any tasks associated with a reminder in either of those 2 modules.
Some reminders may not relate to the module specifically but will be displayed. e.g. a “Process customer invoice” reminder may reflect in the Bookings module reminder form but that task cannot be performed in the Bookings module. It does relate to bookings hence being displayed.
All reminders more than a year old are not displayed.
Reminders are checked periodically based on the Reminder interval specified in the System settings in the Administration module.