Remove booking/lease

Select Remove booking.
Bookings cannot be removed under the following circumstances:
Removed bookings cannot be reinstated.
Lease bookings
If a booking forms part of a lease, you will be directed to the Remove lease bookings form.
The status of each item on each of the corresponding lease bookings is indicated.
Select each of the lease bookings that you wish to remove by clicking in any of the cells in the Remove column relating to the Book# and then enable the checkbox that appears.
You can unmark a booking by disabling the checkbox.
Any bookings that do not qualify for removal will be marked as “N/A” in the Remove column with details indicated in the Status column.
Bookings cannot be removed if
Select qualifying. Select this option to auto select all bookings that qualify for removal.
Reset selection. Any bookings you have marked for removal will be unmarked.
Remove bookings. You will be prompted for confirmation. Removed bookings/leases cannot be reinstated. The “Lease summary and status” grid will refresh.
Any previously removed bookings relating to the lease will not appear in the “Lease summary and status” grid.
Removed bookings cannot be re-instated.