Repeat maintenance schedules

In some instances maintenance may be repeated on a regular basis.
Before you access the repeat schedules option, ensure you have completed all necessary schedule requirements such as creating the tasks and allocating purchase items.
Apart from the scheduled for date value, all other aspects of the schedule are applied to all repeated instances of the schedule.
Once the repeat schedules have been created, they cannot be updated or removed as a group.
Any mistakes will require correction one schedule at a time.
By default, the Determine dates from value will be today’s date. Change the date range as required.
Select the applicable week day/s and week/s in the month and select the Determine dates option.
Add specified date. Specify any other date you wish.
Review the “Determined/calculated dates” list and select accordingly. Add selected dates will add your selection to the “Final dates to repeat schedules for” list.
Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the “Final dates to repeat schedules for” list.
Example: You wish to create repeat maintenance schedules for the first Monday and second Wednesday over the repeat period.
Dates added to  the “Final dates to repeat schedules” for list are automatically deselected in the “Determined/calculated dates” list.
Validate schedules. Before the schedules can be added (Add repeat schedules option is disabled until schedules are successfully validated), you must apply the Validate schedules option.
Schedule dates that fail validation will be deselected automatically.
You will be prompted with each error unless you select the “Don't show this again” option in the message box.
Adding more dates after validating will require you to run the validation option again.
Add repeat schedules. Each schedule is validated once again before being added.
If a schedule fails a validation test it will be deselected in the “Final dates to repeat schedules for” list.