Schedule documents

You may wish to attach documents to a schedule.
Select the Documents option.
Browse for documents. Documents cannot exceed 10MB. A document may be rejected if it is of an unknown type.
Enter the Description/document content.
Add document. The document will be copied to the server “Docs” repository and renamed.
Remove document. The document will be removed from the listing and deleted off the server.
Change description. Correct the description/content with this option.
Print selected documents. Select the first cell of each document in the grid and check the box to select it for printing. An will appear in the cell of documents selected for printing.
Make use of the fast select toolbox in the top right hand corner of the grid to select all, none or invert your selection. The toolbox will not appear if there are no documents listed in the grid.
Select Print selected documents when satisfied with your selection.
Documents where there is no associated application installed on your system will result in a failed print.
Certain files (e.g. videos) cannot be printed.
All documents are automatically spooled to the system printer so ensure you have the correct one selected in Devices and Printers under the system Control Panel.
Failed documents are automatically deselected.
Your selection is retained for future purposes.
If your default printer is a pdf writer or similar that requires user intervention, rather print one document at a time.
Attempt to view document. iTech Facilities Management will attempt to open the document with the system associated application.