Schedule grid options

Zoom in, Zoom out or Zoom 100%. The zoom features apply to both views simultaneously.
Zoom out to a minimum of “40%” or Zoom in to a maximum of “260%”.
The current zoom ratio is indicated alongside the Zoom 100% option.
Hide grid time slots. Hide unnecessary time slots in the various views by selecting the times that your organisation does not operate.
Bookings, maintenance and projects that fall below the before time or after the after time will be invisible.
Hide empty time slots. This option will hide all time slot columns in both views where there is no booking, maintenance or project activity.
If you wish to schedule on a day and there is no existing activity, uncheck this option to unhide the time slots as they will all be hidden.
Hide calendar. If you prefer to increase the display area of the “Daily schedules” view, enable this option to hide the calendar planner.
Displaying the calendar does increase the load time of the Maintenance and Projects module.
The calendar is hidden by default.
Highlight Saturday and Highlight Sunday. If enabled, cells that fall on a Saturday or Sunday in the Facility bookings grid or the Calendar grid will be filled with the 'Task over text and icon colour'.
Similarly, the font colour in some strategic date selectors will be in Red.
If you intend printing or sending any of the maintenance/project grids to spreadsheet it is recommended you turn these settings off and then turn them back on afterwards if required.
Be careful when customising themes. Indicating a Red back colour will cause the text in the applicable date selectors to become invisible or illegible if poor contrasting colours are specified in the customised theme.
Subject to your normal permissions, enabling either of these options does not prevent you from raising schedules on those days.
Gridlines. Hide or show the grid lines in the various grids. This only applies to the Facility/Subhirable Schedules grid and the Daily Schedules grid.
Auto refresh. As changes in the underlying data occurs, anything that may impact on the grid views causes a refresh.
You can suspend this option by disabling the Auto refresh option.
If there are changes, the colour of the Auto refresh option will change to the reminder colour until such time as the Refresh grids option is selected or you re enable the Auto refresh option.
Refresh grids. Select this option to completely refresh your view.