Schedule main details

Facilities and subhirable maintenance schedules: indicate the duration of the maintenance schedule. The start time and duration is in 15 minute intervals.
Facility projects: indicate the schedule ends on date. Projects run over one or more days and typically relate to facility upgrades, revamps and improvements, whereas maintenance takes place during a day and generally relate to upkeep and preparation for bookings.
In the event that a maintenance schedule will run over more than one day, load it as a project if the facility will be non-hirable throughout the maintenance work.
If the facility remains hirable, load separate maintenance schedules for each day.
If the maintenance is minor and does not render the facility/subhirable non hirable, enable the Facility remains hirable/Subhirable remains hirable option.
For projects, enable the Facility maintainable during project if applicable.
Raised on. The date on which the schedule was raised, typically the current date unless you are loading a schedule retrospectively.
Requested by. The staff member who requested the schedule.
Purpose. As discussed in the Facilities and Subhirables module.
Keyholder(us). As discussed in the Facilities and Subhirables module.
Non task specific costs. All costs relating to work to be performed are loaded under the Maintenance/project tasks.
Any non task specific costs can be entered into the Non task specific costs field.
This cost is asuumed to have been incurred in the Financial Reports.
Taxable. This relates to the Non task specific costs.
Quote/inv ref. The document details relating to the Non task specific costs.
Non task specific costs are not ordered or managed specifically in iTech Facilities Management.
Comments. Any additional comments. These comments are printed on the schedule summary document.
Schedules created by other users since the last view refresh may result in your schedule being declined despite you having checked the availability of the facility on a specific date and time slot in the “Facility schedules” view.
It is first come, first served and users who manage to create schedules or bookings ahead of you will be allocated the date and time slot accordingly.
To prevent the unnecessary capturing of a schedule, use the Availability option before continuing.