Signing off/revoking sign off of schedules

Select the Sign off option once a schedule has been completed.
Completed on. Select the date of completion.
The date should be the same as the “scheduled for” date.
The Completed on date only applies to the schedule as a whole.
The progress bar alongside this field indicates the overall completion of the schedule.
Task percent complete options
The list of tasks (work scheduled and complete) is displayed in the grid along with a progress bar in the Complete% column highlighting each task's percent of completion.
Select one or more tasks in the grid and either enter the percent complete in the field next to the updown control, use the updown control or drag inside the progress bar situated below the “Percent complete” label to set the percentage of completion for the selected task/s.
The updown control increases/decreases the percent complete by 10.
Update selection. All selected tasks’ completion status will be updated accordingly. These changes are committed immediately.
Select a task in the grid and then select the Assign images option if you wish to assign post completion images to the task. See Images.
Sign off schedule. Once images have been assigned, select this option to sign the schedule off as complete.
All tasks will be updated to “100%” complete.
To revoke the sign off, select Revoke sign off in the main form.
Service items relating to tasks on schedules cannot be ordered once a task or schedule has been signed off as “100%” complete.