Select the Statement period over which you wish to prepare the statements.
The first date will always default to the 1st of the month and the last date will always default to the end of the selected month.
Select Generate report.
If you change the Statement period or a change event related to customers, invoices, credits or receipts is received you will be notified and the report will need to be generated again.
Selecting customer statements for printing
To auto select customer statements for printing, choose one of the following options:-
Select the Make selection option.
If the Deselect all that don't qualify as above option is enabled, the current selection is cleared before the auto selection is applied.
Reset selection will deselect all customer statements.
Select a customer in the grid and click in the Print column. Enable or disable the check box to include/exclude the customer statement.
Printing customer statements
To print a specific customer statement, click on the required customer in the grid and select the Print active statement option.
The customer statement does not need to be selected in the Print column.
The option to preview the statement is available in the print dialog.
If you elect to preview, you will have the option to email the statement to the customer. See Emailing documents.
To print a batch of statements, select the required customer statements using the selection tools.
Select Print selected statements.
You cannot preview or email statement batches.