Hirable. Enable this option if the subhirable can be hired out on bookings.
All facilities and subhirables are available in the Maintenance and Projects module for maintenance scheduling purposes.
A subhirable’s Hirable status cannot be revoked if the subhirable is still in use.
A subhirable is deemed to be in use if there are old or upcoming bookings or maintenance schedules against the subhirable.
Assignable to member on a booking. Members are for e.g., students in educational institutions or employees in corporate environments. (See Members in the Customers and Billing module).
Enabling this option allows for a subhirable to be assigned to a specific member on a booking.
If the subhirable is not specified as Hirable, you cannot enable this option.
Some examples of subhirables you may wish to assign to a member on a booking:-
Description. Enter a unique description for the subhirable.
Where there are multiple subhirables of the same nature relating to a facility, consider including part of the facility’s description in the subhirable description.
Example: - You have 2 boardrooms with 6 chairs in each.
Your facilities would be “Boardroom 1” and “Boardroom 2”. The subhirables (chairs) for “Boardroom 1” would be “Board1 Chair 1”, “Board1 Chair 2” etc. Similarly, “Board2 Chair1”, “Board2 Chair2” for “Boardroom 2”.
Serial number. Optional field for internal purposes and asset tracking.
Store. Indicate the storage location of the subhirable.
Use the option to apply the description of the facility to which the subhirable is locked(see below).
Changing the description of the facility at a later stage will not change this description!
If you indicate “(Not specified)” or “(Not applicable)”, the subhirable store location will not print on Booking Summary or Maintenance Schedule documents. See View Bookings.
If you don't indicate a store during Adding or Updating, the store defaults to “(Not specified)”.
All previously used store descriptions will appear in the Store field.
This field is not related to the store assigned to stock items(bin#). See Stores.
Standard price. This is the price that is used to determine the charge out on bookings.
It is also applied in determining turnover variances in the Financial Reports module.
Prices are specified as “Per Hour”, “Fixed”, “Daily” or “Monthly”.
To add pricing for each of the pricing categories, specify the Standard price, basis and from date and then select the Update subhirable option.
The latest prices and when they are applicable from are indicated in the grid.
Price base categories cannot be applied to subhirables on bookings if a standard price has not been indicated for the subhirable.
Charge out pricing can be overridden subject to user permissions.
From. Enter the first date from which the price is to be applied.
The closest price to the date selected is automatically retrieved.
If a price is specified at the From date a will appear next to the From field.
A signifies no price has been specified at the From date.
As prices change, simply enter the new price and date and Update subhirable.
iTech Facilities Management automatically determines pricing to be applied in the various modules as follows:-
To change an existing price, ensure the date you have selected corresponds with the previously created price/date combination and enter the new price.
Use the View price history option to review all existing prices for the active subhirable.
Billable from and to. As bookings can extend over more than one day, indicate the hours that are billable to customers for booking a subhirable.
This is applied in determining standard selling prices on bookings and for Financial Report purposes.
The default values are “8:00am” to “6:00pm”.
These values only apply if a subhirable is hirable and is priced on bookings on a “Per hour” price base.
Lock to facility. Subhirables that form part of a facility (e.g. the seats on a bus) must be locked to the facility.
These subhirables will only be available on bookings against the facility they are locked to.
Non locked subhirables (assuming they are hirable) will be available on all bookings of all facilities.
For e.g. you may have multiple portable tables that are placed at facilities for refreshment purposes.
Select the icon to activate the Facility locator.
Add batch. Specify the subhirable standard price, price basis, from date and which facility to lock to as per the normal subhirable creation process above.
The main description field is not required. Enter a description in the batch Description field and include “[#]” to indicate the counter field.
In the bus seat scenario, you may have “30 seats” and wish to create subhirables for each numbering them from “1” to “30”.
The Description would therefore be “Bus1 Seat[#]”. The Batch start value would be “1” and the Number of subhirables to create would be “30”.
When you Add batch, iTech Facilities Management will create 30 subhirables “Bus1 Seat1” to ”Bus1 Seat30”.
Note: The brackets “[” and “]” are not included in the newly created subhirable descriptions.
Enable the Increment serial option and enter a numeric base serial number if required.
Select a subhirable in the grid to activate it.
The “Std price” in the grid is the most recent price in the price history table.
Subhirables that are in use cannot be removed.
A subhirable is deemed to be in use if there are old or upcoming bookings or maintenance schedules against the subhirable.