Theme assignment

To enhance the user experience, iTech Facilities Management has nine built-in themes, each of which can be customised to your liking.
The theme assigned to a module is depicted alongside the module description (launch task) in the Navigator main screen.
To open the theme management options, click the expansion icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Navigator main window.
Different themes can be assigned to each module.
Click on a theme thumbnail to open the options menu.
The Navigator always inherits the default theme hence not appearing in the list of modules.
All modules where themes were not previously assigned also inherit the default theme.
Once you have selected the module/s to inherit the active theme, select the Accept option.
To reset a previously customised theme back to its built-in default, use the Reset theme option or press F6.
This may be necessary if you have customised a theme which has resulted in certain items becoming illegible or invisible due to colour duplication (e.g. a text field fore colour may have been changed to the same colour as the back colour which will result in the contents/text being invisible).
To reset the current default theme, ensure the theme options menu is closed (Close options) and press F6.
Select Copy theme if you would like to apply the theme to another theme. Select the destination theme and Paste theme. You cannot paste a theme to itself.
This is useful if you have a customised theme and would like to make some minor changes to that and apply the variation to other modules.
To prevent iTech Facilities Management from indicating the successful completion of tasks, enable the Suppress information messages option.
Unsuccessful actions and other warnings cannot be suppressed.
Certain tasks such as the successful addition of a booking will result in a confirmation message even if you have enabled the suppression option.
Auto select field contents. Enable this option if you prefer the contents of fields to be selected when they get focus.
For mobile devices (tablets), you may prefer a visible mouse pointer.
Enable the Show pointer on mobile devices option accordingly.
To return to the Navigator main screen, click the collapse icon in the bottom left hand corner.