View booking

View a summary of the active booking.
Multiple bookings can be viewed simultaneously for comparative purposes.
Simply locate the booking and click this option to view the booking.
Use the Window menu to arrange the booking documents.
The maximum number of pages in the onscreen view for any particular booking is 19 in portrait view and 14 in landscape view.
If the limit is breached, you may see a “List incomplete - too many records for preview” towards the end of the document preview or in the case of leases, “Preview incomplete - too many records for preview”.
These limits also apply to emailing. If the limit is breached and you would like to email the entire document, print to pdf and then attach to an email in your email client as is normal practice.
Printed output is not effected by these limits.
Depending on your permissions, the list next to the Print booking option offers various document output types, namely:-
Large documents (leases in particular) may take some time to email due to the size of the attachment. Transport erros may occur in the case of large documents.
If you do not have “Print(or email) booking summary document, confirmation, quotation” permission or in the case of leases, “Print(or email) lease documents” permission, some of the document output types will not be available in the list.
All users who have “View booking summary document” permission will have access to at least the Booking summary (No pricing) document type.
Users that do not have “View lease document” permission but have “View booking summary document” permission will be able to view the monthly booking document but not the entire lease.
You may want to update the letterhead. The top option on the right handside of the Print booking option will launch the Administration module and bring up the Organisation form.
To make changes to the Facility location map, the bottom option on the right handside of the Print booking will launch the Facilities and Subhirables module.
You may print a booking summary as “a client confirmation”, “as quote” or an internal booking document (leave Client confirmation and Quote options unchecked).
Check Include map to include the the Facility Locator map. The facility to which the booking relates will be circled on the map if its location has been specified in the Facility Locator.
The option will launch the Facilities and Subhirables module if you wish to indicate the loaction of the facility on the Facility Locator.
If you have specified any email addresses for the customer, the addresses will be listed in the task box below the Orientation options.
Subhirable store locations are reflected on internal booking documents and not on Client confirmations or Quotes.
The System Settings in the Administration module must be specified correctly for direct emailing to work.
iTech Facilities Management uses CDO for direct emailing of documents. Due to conflicts with certain Outlook releases, this feature may not be available.
As this is a direct email feature (does not require an email client), record of the email being sent will not reflect in your email client application.
You will be notified in the event of the email encountering an error during send.